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Alexis Lewalle

about 1 year Ago

Hi Kyle, thank you for your suggestion. FYI most of our users are totally replacing Zendesk with Xeno. Xeno conversations are tickets: indeed, Xeno conversations have unique IDs, you can edit the status of the Xeno conversations (i.e. you can mark a conversation as Closed, etc.), also, when your Contact is offline Xeno is automatically sending your Xeno answers as emails. (If you still want to use Zendesk in parallel to Xeno, you can use our Zapier app (under Xeno > Apps)). Keep us posted. Also, knowing your exact use case can help. Many thanks Kyle.

Kyle Lawrence

12 months Ago

I have some advanced functionality that I need for Cases, and so what we would do is use Xeno for more minor conversations, then when something is a full-blown case, push it to Zendesk.