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10 months ago

Hey Grace,

Sorry, I thought I replied to this but I guess I didn't. Yikes!

Yes, essentially 1 Google Account per brand. The same goes for Timetables. If I'm part of multiple brands (that I own), I'm not always working the same hours, nor do they have the same G Cal; I'm not scheduling Brand A and Brand B into the same calendar - that's messy. The last time I checked there isn't a way to isolate these and that's important for multi-brand management.

The thread that I'm also following that has a similar issue with Timetables for reference is here:



over 1 year ago

Bump! This is pretty important for any of us working cross brands. :)



about 1 year ago

Hi Amber! :) So ultimately, you would like 1 Google account per brand? Technically, we can look into it, for sure.

In that regard, could you give me a bit more info about how you would want it to work? Could you give me a bit more info on your use case?


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